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There is a common misconception that hackers target only big businesses as they have more to offer, but the reality is, ANYONE is a target, from large corporations to small businesses and individual end users.

More and more companies are realizing the importance of implementing cybersecurity systems and having a plan in place in the event of a breach. But what are the signs to look for in the event of a cyberattack? How do you know if you or one of your employees have been hacked?

Here are 11 signs that you or an employee’s computer may have been hacked:

1. Frequent pop-up windows, especially the ones that encourage you to visit unusual sites, or download antivirus or other software
2. Mass emails being sent from your email account
3. Frequent crashes or unusually slow computer performance
4. Unknown programs that startup when turning on the computer or device
5. Programs automatically connecting to the Internet
6. Unusual activities like unauthorized password changes
7. Suddenly receiving pop-ups that claim your device is infected with a virus.
8. Device slowing down, heating up, or starting to crash more often.
9. You get signed out of your online accounts (social media, email, online banking, etc.), or you try to log in and discover your passwords don’t work anymore.
10. You receive emails or text messages about login attempts, password resets, or two-factor authentication (2FA) codes that you didn’t request.
11. You have to keep closing or quitting apps that open on their own.

Why Choose 10X
So, how do you protect your business from a cybersecurity breach in 2023 and beyond?
That’s where our team at 10X comes into play. We partner with top-level companies in the cybersecurity space to make sure your company always has the latest technology available, saving you time, money, and peace of mind.